Watt Aquarium Pond

By · Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Watt Aquarium Pond
What more need for my Goldfish 20 Gallon Fish Tank?

I have a filter up to 20 gallons, a 100-watt heater, 10 pounds of air to ground, water (pond water conditioner) and aquarium salt, but I'm not sure if I should leave the aquarium salt in the tank forever. I have 2 Ryukin Goldfish, and 2 Goldfish poop. What temperature should be. I also have two decorations that look like houses for the goldfish, but just relax around her. I know this may sound overcrowding four goldfish. But they are about 2 inches each. I forgot I have a hood with a light purple light! haha se looks great. When is it appropriate when you change the water 100%

The tank size is fine for that amount of fish. In any case, only make changes water a little more often if it looks a bit dirty and it will be fine. No matter, you have to make changes of 50-75% water on a regular basis. Definitely not believe that we need a heater for fish. Goldfish prefer cooler water (approx. 65 degrees) so maybe get a thermometer just to keep an eye on the temperature. And in any case, just have a hood with a light tank. I find the light provides more than enough heat for my people. But all I know, the hotter the water, more of a mess of your goldfish are going to do. Definitely use conditioner, but use salt instead of salt pond aquarium. The dissolved salt pond in water and help the pH, do not worry about her out, I usually only add that when I completely clean the tank. Goldfish like to swim in and out of things, apart from their houses, maybe as some small plants. Hope I've helped a little! 🙂

951 gallon / 3600 liter aquarium – above the tank

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