Watts Aquarium Ultra

By · Monday, July 13th, 2009

Watts Aquarium Ultra
In light of aquarium fish for Western Fence Lizard?

Can I use this in my lizard western about? Http: / / www.ubuntumall.com/uploaded_files/prod_image/098/25-WATT-COLORMAX-ULTRA-INCANDESCENT-BULB-6PC–116098.jpg

No, you need a UVB producing light of reptiles, and has to catch up right over your animal (at least 6 inches pilgrim place is best). You also need a heat lamp or heater undertank to provide adequate heat – this should be controlled by a thermostat or rheostat and monitored carefully. If research to the needs of your lizard so you stay healthy in your care. There are many online care sheets.

Planted 30 Gallon Aquarium With Orange-Spotted Sunfish And Dim Mak Theme

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