above ground koi ponds

By · Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

above ground koi ponds
Solar system for a pond of 8 'x 8' and a fountain.?

Hello, II have an 8 feet x 8 feet from the pond that is 23 inches depth. Has a current of 12 inches from one end that connects to a hole about 66 inches which is 23 inches deep. This last part is the source. There is an underground system that circulates water between the lake and the source of the river and through the subway. The filter and pump are above the ground. I have two Koi fish and some goldfish in there during the summer and fall. I would keep the fish out there in the pond throughout the 4 seasons we have in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. What I can do od solar system to heat the tank during the cold winter of ours, as well as throughout the year? Would too hot in summer for fish? I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Corner North_South property from the moment they have to bring the fish and I can not do that for long. I would appreciate any person may have suggetions. Thank you very much [email protected] Mumtaz

I do not know any heaters dedicated solar pond, but you can go online to get solar panels and kits etc. .. However, given the small volume of your pond (volume / mass of water = heat) and cold temperatures it will take several panels in series (where they're going to be?) and will be cheaper to replace the fish each year.


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