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By · Friday, August 21st, 2009

Active Aqua Air
Please help me to help my sick Betta!?

It is usually very active and nothing around 5 gallon tank (which is filtered and heated apropriately) however, when I got home, he lay on the bottom with their fins too tight. Furthermore, their eyes are a little cloudy. Eat like a pig yet complete, but only reach food or air. I put "Aqua security 'in this morning (10ml for 5gal.) It must govern all things and pH, but do not have a practical test kit and probably will not get one for a while … please help! PS I also have a small catfish that is in the tank and seems 100% ok (which are not aggressive toward others) No, he does not have ich, but I have the ick medicine for him, thanks! 🙂

I assume your tank has been running for several weeks and that ammonia is not the problem, as the catfish seems unaffected so far. Cloudy eyes might be a fungus, a protozoan or bacterial problem. Given the clip fins and I would start by looking closely velvet. Shine a Light strings on it and find gold to red gloss that is not normal for your coloring. If you see it's velvet can be best treated with medication or treatment ich as Maracide. Covering the tank to prevent light comes in velvet also help to heal, as can use light as energy source. Also look closely into his eyes. If the cloud appears to be in your eye, then I suspect a bacterial infection and the best treatment would be an antibiotic. Maracyn TC Maracyn 2 or both would be good treatments for common eye infections. If the cloud appears to be more on the surface of the eye and seem Slimey or soft is more likely that an infestation of protozoa that can be treated with medicine as good as parasite or Maracide Clout. If on the surface, but it seems very confusing, then it was a fungus and should be treated with medicine as good as MarOxy fungus. Of course there are other brands of fungi and protozoa treatments but which mentioned are effective and commonly available. If you can not find these as local shop owner for recommendations. MM

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