Air Pump

By · Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Air Pump

How air source electric heat pumps work? Do they consider themselves superior or inferior to other pumping technologies such as geothermal heat pumps heat pumps and dual fuel? First understand how this device. Electric air heat pumps are mainly home-based electricity pumps using outdoor air as heat source. They have the ability to revert your system and air conditioning as well as heating. This capability, together with their relative ease of operation, has made this system, the most popular on the market.

The advantage of this type of pump technology (beyond simple use) is that it is less expensive to maintain. Although the initial cost may be comparable to other systems in the long run, this system helps consumers to keep the cost of electricity down. Are there any disadvantages of using electric pumps air source?

Temperatures for the most part, these pumps are used in geographic areas with relatively stable and moderate. These pumps do not function at their best in areas where extremely cold temperatures are reached over a long period of time. They are ideal for locations have cold days, but occasionally a stable winter season. Because these pumps are powered by air from outside, the extremely low temperatures can compromising the efficiency of the pump. Considering the rate of CP could reach four winters a little cold, below freezing temperatures, the Conference of Parties can only reach half years. In fact, many people who rely on this system really use a backup system for cold days and windy.

Manufacturers of air source electric heat pumps are "Air-Flow, Amana, Carrier Infinity, Friechrich, Goodman, Rheem and Ruud. How all these products over others? The Amana has ASZ18 blinds control the sound of quiet operation along with 18 SEER and 9.50 HSPF. Meanwhile, Goodman SSZ16 pump Heat has a 16 SEER and HSPF 9.50, slightly lower than Amana.

What really matters however, is the size of the unit and the technology used. Air source electric pumps are ideal for people with minimal need for heating and who want to experience the cost-efficient than the benefits go with the use of electricity low.

Just remember the basic principle: air source heat extracted from outside air. There are bombs in the sense of technology that can transfer heat to a water tank or to transfer heat to the air inside. This may be a system whereby in certain circumstances.

Chris Brown has been researching the top efficient heat pumps for heating his home in the winter and cooling it in the summer. provides an overview of the top heat pumps from the top manufactures.

ZOIDS Energy Liger EZ-072 Air Pump Wing Test

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