Aqua Air

By · Friday, December 25th, 2009

Aqua Air
How long does it take for Aqua / Touch to Address Security + temperature?

I added some Tetra Aqua safe and I wondered how time now before you can add fish? Also the water is 30 degrees, I've tried to turn my heater down, but the temperate doesn't seem to change. I havnt got any fish yet, as I'm not sure. Too. Can u disable the filter + air pump at night? Thanks a lot.

the temperature is actually well, you may even be able to raise a grade. Unless you are getting goldfish then you need to unplug the heater. Tetra Aqua safety work as soon as is in the water. The thing to do is an Internet search on how to cycle your aquarium. It's too much information to cover here. Having multiple sites and then decide which method work for you. As for converting the filter / pump air out, it is best to leave it on at all times.

Aqua-Air for Commercial Applications part 2

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