Aqua Air Pump

By · Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Aqua Air Pump

The water in the world promises a magnificent part of life. With beautiful corals, marine plants, fish and other living beings exist, it would be interesting to explore this side gift of nature under the sea. What better way than for sailing, fishing, diving, rafting and water diving for a closer look at life and not living things that are thousands of feet deep. With air pump scuba, on the one hand, he escaped an adventure at sea difficult. Oxygen is the need essential that you will face a new world where schools are a lot of fish and sea creatures to ignore.

Take memory lane, diving has its beginnings in 1535 when it became the diving bell of the primordial world. Be deemed to have allowed a diver to keep an air pocket while descending under water. It was in 1650 when an air pump diving became known as an important in diving gear. In the next 300 years, has become a partner of breath helps all divers. Before the widespread acceptance of these bombs in the dive site was a great discovery in 1691 of a diving bell that can be attributed to air barrels through a tube that can be replaced from above the sea level.

Besides diving air pump and a wet suit any diver normally label over a helmet, which could be installed to protect the head. Interestingly, back in the antiquity of the Royal Navy of England originated formal diving school where future divers had to learn the culture of diving apparel to explore thousands of meters under the sea. Breathing under water is considered insured using an air pump or any device that allows breathing mechanism. A parallel steel tank containing compressed air is attached to the back of the diver. Along with him is a mouthpiece that the place directly into the mouth of the diver which can inhale and exhale while swimming. The hose on this unit is actually pumping fresh air into the tank so that oxygen is guaranteed to penetrate the diver system.

Currently, the use of scuba pump air is standard operating procedure between amateur and professional divers. Several updated versions of diving suit, air pump, helmet diving and other arts have emerged in the market. This amounts to saying that the industry is in search of the safety of divers and dive safe soft. Online shops have a variety of items sold on diving down labels to meet growing market demand as tourism increases even more. Innovative ideas have led to scuba to be placed on the world as an area professional exploration of the sea. You have not given the privilege of going under the sea without basic training in diving.

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