Aqua Submersible Water

By · Monday, August 17th, 2009

Aqua Submersible Water
Can all AquaClear Powerhead 50 that under water? the meaning of some of the bone too?

I know this may sound stupid, but I put my turtle tank first and using an Aqua Clear powerhead with filter attachment fast .. my question is not "fully submersible" means you can put the unit in the bottom of the tank, with the cable in the water, running water up and out over the edge of the tank and then into the wall? I do not want any electrocution happening! but want to know if "have" to hang from the edge of the tank or you can lay at the bottom:) thanks!

While you check your cable defects (cuts or scrapes exposeing cable) souldnt not be anything to worry about. Applyence Even when cables are exposed to water Spall some have a second coteing plastic for each. Good luck!

ICOM M304 Waterproof DSC VHF Radio

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