Aquarium Automatic Fish

By · Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Aquarium Automatic Fish
Need help with my 20 gallon tank of fish.?

I rather have my job to be home before I started my fish tank, but I did not. so was given a 20gal aquarium and I bought a heater machine, a bubble bar and pump is what the PetSmart boy suggested. I bought two fish an Oscar and a fish cat is not sure the exact name of them but find that each one about 2 inches long. So I have to know what other fish I can add them to think im a algae eater or a snail, but I do not know what else I might add, because the fish already bought each one to grow 4-6in. I did not buy a filter, because the employee smart pet told me you should not need one unless I add more fish after that. I must also buy any type of water testing kits? thanks for the help this is my first aquarium ever. I had a Betta in a vase 2gal for about 2 years never a problem im not added to the aquarium because it does well in the vase. I rather not cycle the tank, but I did install it and let it run for 3 days before adding fish.

Certainly we should have done your research! Did you cycle your tank before adding fish ???………… Anyway – 2 points. First you can add more fish to several tanks AS SOON AS GET A 75 gallons or larger for Oscar! Oscar has been known to regularly grow to over 16 "in aquariums (unlikely in his, he would die long before that!). There is no way you could keep one of each gallon to 20 over a couple of weeks …… Secondly, Oscar tanks should be more filtered due to its high production of waste! Big fish, big meals = mess! Your fish poison to death before dying of overcrowded housing conditions! News sad I know. Oscar fish are great and relatively inexpensive. The compensation package is only really suitable for the most committed of fans who are willing and able to meet their needs. Take it to the store – see if you can do an exchange. Their catfish – not like this right? / gallery / img / Hypostomus_plec … If you do not have a common Pleco – interesting to see, strong, full of character – but grows to about two meters and have exactly the same problem that the Oscar! Unfortunately, your experience is not a big announcement PetSmart. However, not all doom and gloom! Be sure to take responsible actions in their Oscar / catfish potentially large and thus may be considered appropriate storage tank. If the first bit about your tank cycles did not mean anything, then read this NOW – / cycling.html Once the tank is ready, the following is a suitable species for a little 20 gallon. He is sought in a small number still in a tank that size, but these will not exceed your home! * Group Livebearers – Guppies Mollies Platys Swords * shoaling fish – barbel small Tetras smaller danios Rasboras small catfish * – group of group of Otos Corien as only small Pleco Bristlenose * other fish – Female Betta Gourami Dwarf Loaches smaller, as kuhlii research on the net, find a good combination, GET A FILTER, the cycle of the tank, and once it has completed the purchase your fish. Oh, and do not listen to employees who never, never again! Good luck!

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