Automatic Fish

By · Monday, October 26th, 2009

Automatic Fish
Automatic feeder fish food blocks?

I have a 5 gallon tank with 4 danios, 2 longfin and 2 — Glo fish. I'm going on vacation for 1 week. and I was thinking I should get an automatic feeder. or blocks that you put in and eat. and I know that most responses are to let alone going to be okay in a week without food. but I will not starve my fish = [. So one is better. If you have experience with one I can give the link or name with the feed?

Get one. Healthy adult fish can easily go a week without eating. The power blocks are mostly plaster There are countless stories of fans with them, and return to a morgue horribly lack fish. Auto feeders are not much better, with a tendency to clog the collapse of several days worth of food in the tank once again pollute the water. A prolonged fasting is part of the scheme continue to get difficult to breed species to spawn. To get a good reading on this check out this article; 20y% 20seasons.html% 20rainy I extended the period of fasting for three weeks with this method, no adverse effects.

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