back yard ponds

By · Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

back yard ponds

I might say, because they are beautiful or because they bring nature to your backyard. But the reality for me was dealing with customers. I loved to help clients create their dreams. Sometimes they were not real secure and I had to work through the process with them on other occasions is dead set on what I wanted exactly. But they were all similar enthusiasm and excitement they pose to their ponds. So I'm waiting for the construction of this site backyard pond I can create a place where pond we all enthusiasts can gather and share the fever so to speak.

I had a client that I could speak with the death of his Koi fish. They were all appointed (I am guilty of this myself) and come and eat from your hand that you can train most of the fish to do in the ponds. What is pretty cool if you ask me. Other clients that specific types of plants shrubs and hanging feeders because they were the bird watchers and saw the pond as a way to invite your friends feathers come visit. Often I had to do what I have called "pools of birds" in some of the waterfalls and streams to build ponds for birds would have a place for drinking and bathing. It is harder than you think because it can not be too deep and it can not have the fast flowing water or the bird could get hurt. It's more of a smooth turn to the side where the water just slowly on a flat lava rock area.

I will never forget this moment you had two clients they call me to share almost the same situation for your garden pond, but with two totally different reactions. These ponds were not side by side so I am not sure why these birds visitors decided to run simultaneously but they did. I am not kidding you must have hit the ponds on the same flight plan because they received calls a few hours apart. one client was a birdwatcher and a pond was quite new to him was very pleasantly surprised when he left his cover and saw his visitor. He had a blue heron on the side of your pond. I was very happy and took pictures and just bubbles with enthusiasm about his new pond.

Two Customer called me a couple of hours later and I say he was not a bird watcher and was more of a fish lover. His tank was well established and had a large number of comets in the pond fantail. Some really too big that I think cross between their regular goldfish and comets original fantail. But one thing about fantails is that they are slow swimmers. Usually I have to warn customers with cats to get that type of fish. I never thought to warn about falling herons. You guessed it: there was a blue heron stalking fish. Now I do not know if it was the same bird, but if he had a big meal before going through my client was losing many of these fantails largest after his departure. Needless to say, a client was not a happy balance that day.

I could go ahead with the stories but I'm hoping we will get some visitors before they share their stories so that I can before I bore you with I will share my adventures recalls. I think we should create a category called "reflections" on what was to have a place to store the backyard pond of people sharing stories.

I am a former backyard pond builder. For many years, I gave lectures in the Carolina’s about backyard ponds. I have recently created a website where I hope to continue to share my knowledge, pictures and stories with other backyard pond enthusiasts.


Saltillo – Backyard Pond

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