backyard koi pond

By · Saturday, November 21st, 2009

backyard koi pond
Information on how to make a pond?

I want to make a pond in my backyard with koi fish and plants. I am only 15 so money my problem. I can get a job at the end of summer, but want to make the pond into the early summer. I wonder if you can tell me simple steps to make a, cheap supplies I can buy / use and any other information. Pictures of small, easy to build ponds would be nice.

im 13 and just put in a pool of 2000 biliary this site helped me: this site also I have some very VERY cheap suplies: flexibal a pond liner is the way and cheepest eseest go if you want to go more than 200 gallons. if yu want Qestions has more pictures of my ant pont setting to send me an email to: [email protected] good luck!

My koi pond

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