backyard ponds

By · Thursday, September 10th, 2009

backyard ponds
Help with backyard ponds!?

So my mom and I decided we want a backyard pond in the backyard. Nothing is too big because we have a large yard. We bought a small plastic pool Deepto comes a foot and two feet wide. So I dug the holes, put the plastic pool inside, and filled it with water. The area receives about 5 hours of sun a day, so its a good place. I'm not planning on having fish, but I would like some plants. Be water lilies and cattails are good choices (the size dwarf), but what other plants? As the plants go under the water, or are there others who shoulld get it? What about plants goes into the ground around the pond? And the rocks, I put stones in the pond? I've done a lot research, only need assistance in the area of the plant. Thanks!

Because the pond is so small that I do not know how many plants or rocks inside I would of his plastic pool. Around the basin of the pool you can fit rocks and plants to make any time more natural look or modern look. Here is a photo of the couple for links ideas: jpg (This has a small waterfall that is something that can be done very easily with small circulation pump) If you go with the water plant would go with the floats, but being aware that water hyacinth or water lettuce, water lilies and water spread quickly to start with just 1 or 2. Cattails … even the size of dwarfs are occupying a little space, so I do not put these in water. The plants can be place around the base of the pond: Iris Corkscrew Peak (eg plant cold) Sweetflag (grass like) can get green plain variagated ornamental grass or smaller (blue fescue) Papryus Last great link has detailed descriptions garden Water each plant Hope this helped!

backyard pond

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