Debris Net

By · Friday, September 18th, 2009

Debris Net
Freshwater Aquarium nitrate and nitrite levels are high!?

I've had this tank for about 3 months. I change 75% of the water once or twice per month, and the filter once a month. every time i change the water I stir the sand as I get rid of the water, then use a network to access most of the remaining wastes out of water before adding clean water (I use conditioner). I have about 20 gallons of water (in a 50 gallon tank) with two small slider turtles and a fish beta (that get along very well). I have a 20 gallon with water (no gravel) filter (tetra whisper) and a heating element (type tube, Tetra too). I have gravel, four floors of decorative plastic, and a spring pilgrimage. until the last change of water (a few days) all testing was always good. now my nitrate levels and nitrites are dangerously high, but the ammonia level is normal, says no stress. I recently added a thermometer for the aquarium. this could be Related temporary? or what?

High nitrate means that water is not changed enough, no other options. If you have I suggest you probably turtles need to do 50% water changes every week. nitrite indicates a problem with the filtering. As ammonia is zero and has nitrate indicating that they have a duty cycle part. Just look after the filter and see if it is established. Extra aeration can help the cycle of bacteria need oxygen to do their job. The extra water changes you need to nitrate will also help control the level of nitrite on temporarily until the filter is set. The turtles are likely to eat the betta at some point, when they are older. Ian

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