designing a koi pond

By · Friday, November 21st, 2008

designing a koi pond

A koi pond is an important part of keeping koi and must be built with careful consideration of several factors. Remember, most of the ponds are permanent once they are built. You can not change your mind about the location or design after one or two weeks of construction work. So take into account such things as the requirements of size and location in planning to build your koi pond.

Your koi pond is the habitat life of your koi. To function properly and actually keep koi, a number of different things to consider when you start planning it. A few simple rules will ensure they do not end with a face hole in the ground with dead fish.

First, it must decide whether to obtain professional services to build your koi pond or do it yourself. There are advantages and disadvantages in both directions. If you want to hire a professional pond builder will have to find someone with enough experience and is reliable. In view of this, be careful of cheap quotes because these builders can cut corners that could bring problems later. While contributions will be different, there should be a very big difference between them.

If you choose to try to build your koi pond yourself, you will need a kit of the pond. Sufficient time to do the job. A simple design can take only a few days, but if you have other challenges such as uneven terrain, soil rock, debris or an elaborate design, then construction of the pond on your own can take months. In addition, you may need to rent or purchase specialized equipment to get the job done. So depending on your personal situation, you have to decide whether it is practical to hire a professional or yourself.

Remember, if the pond is not built properly the first time, you will end up spending a lot of money fixing the problems. Moreover, if the pond is not well configuration, you may not be able to keep your koi alive.

The types of koi ponds can be built are differentiated according to materials used for coating the pond. Basically, the lining of the pond can be concrete, fiberglass, rigid or flexible plastic liners. Again, there are pros and cons of each one and should base their choice on your budget and soil type and soil conditions you have. It does not matter what kind of pond is chosen, you must request a permit and comply with all standards set by the local municipality for building a koi pond.

Once the koi pond builds, make sure Keep all children and other pets are not fish outside the pond, because they can cause problems. If your children swim in the pond, not only could cause a chemical imbalance, but could also cause major problems such as leakage. Likewise, keep other pets away from your filter system koi pond and the pond in general. An important thing to do was build a fence around their koi pond and equipment such as pumps and filters. It is likely that the law makes it compulsory this too.

Finally, remember that maintaining a Koi pond requires some work. Ensure that you have sufficient time to carry out maintenance and every day need to be prepared to handle issues that will arise that require special attention, as leakage koi pond, koi sick etc. If you stay away, having someone with sufficient knowledge to properly maintain the pond to be available to help until he comes.

Finding the best information about proper koi keeping and koi ponds can be overwhelming at times.

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Koi Pond Design Fundamentals

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