diy koi ponds

By · Monday, November 3rd, 2008

diy koi ponds

Koi pond designs are a bit different from your normal backyard pond. First of all, if Goldfish were the ‘normal people’ of fish, then Koi would be the picky celebrity.

They’re gorgeous and amazing to watch, but they require a bit more care than Goldfish or other pond fish. You will need a large enough area for the Koi to swim in. This requires a larger and deeper pond than you would otherwise need.

You will also need better filtration, because these picky guys are sensitive and won’t be able to survive in a pond that doesn’t have filtration. They also require deeper water. For your Koi pond, you will need to use smoother rocks on the sides and bottoms, because your picky fish are also curious and rooting fish. They have a big risk of getting injured if you have sharp or pointy rocks.

Smooth rocks will help them keep from getting injured when they are rooting or spawning on the bottom of your pond. You will want to take some sort of precaution against raccoons, as they will happily stand in your pond and munch on your beautiful fish. There are all sorts of things available for this, such as nets or motion detectors.

One of the most popular Koi pond designs is a Japanese or Oriental design, although there are many different kinds of pond designs you can go with. The shape, style and surrounding plants are all up to you. Some people choose to get an architect to draw plans for their Koi pond designs.

It’s essential to make sure you get it the way you want it. Koi will live for decades, and you want to have your pond the way you want it so you don’t have to change it.

A Koi pond that features a waterfall can be very beautiful. There are different options you can go with for your Koi pond designs, and many different waterfall or fountain options as well. A few other things you want to make sure of is that you feed your Koi on a regular basis.

Unlike goldfish, Koi will not survive if they are not fed daily. You will also want to maintain your pond a little more regularly, and keep it free of leaves or floating debris. Your picky celebrity fish so cannot have trash floating in their home.

Keep these things in mind, and your Koi will live and thrive in your pond.

Amy C is a pond fanatic. She created How to Build a Pond to share instructions, videos and supplies for creating your own dream pond.

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