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By · Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Eco Plus

Going Green is not just a trend. It is a priority for us all if we continue to live in a beautiful and life-giving earth. Thinking of ways to go green, however, not always easy. The fact that we buy organic food and recycling does not necessarily mean we're doing a great practical impact. We must have a plan set for Going Green. One element in that plan must buy green products. But how to find products? Well, one way is to buy products made with renewable resources.

The purchase of products made from renewable resources should be a priority for each of us when going green. These types of products ecological ensure that we do not use land resources too quickly. We must let our planet that is replacing the natural resources in the same proportion as we consuming them.

Eco So what are good products friendly products made from renewable resources?

Here is a list 10 kinds of products made from renewable resources:

1. Paper products, while these should be used sparingly, are better than plastic that are biodegradable and come from renewable trees
2. Cotton products
3. Spudware-biodegradable cutlery from potatoes, corn, soybeans and oils of
4. The solar-energy solar panels on your house, solar battery chargers, etc.
5. Bio-based dishes, for example, plates and bowls made by EarthShell
6. Bamboo, bamboo furniture, bamboo cotton clothing, etc. (a good alternative to other tree products, like bamboo is highly renewable, because it is fast growing)
7. Digital products-highly reproducible, long lasting, only need the support of electricity
8. Wind support wind energy development in their city, county and state, consider getting electricity from wind energy at home.
9. Bio-fuels based, but not always the most sustainable option, which are renewable,
10. Plant-based cleaners great products made from renewable resources to help you go green and healthy for the body

Here are 5 products from renewable resources not to be avoided:

1. Plastic, while the plastic renewables are being investigated now plastics are made from oil a non renewable resource
2. Cups and paper plates, while paper-is renewable, the plastic coating petroleum makes the product have been about 500 years to biodegrade
3. Wood furniture or other products of the ancient -growth forests while these are technically renewable, the amount of carbon released into the environment and the incredibly slow pace to fill is for all purposes practical, renewable and definitely not environmentally friendly products.
4. Energy from oil and coal, gas and coal-energy are highly non-renewable Unfortunately, much of our electricity comes from coal today. Consider switching to solar or wind energy at home and its first big step in going green.
5. Metals

So continue on the path to going green changing their buying habits. Deciding to buy products made from renewable resources.

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