fiberglass koi ponds

By · Saturday, August 8th, 2009

fiberglass koi ponds
What size tank do I need for my Koi?

I have three koi fish, one is about 10 inches, and two are about 6 inches length. I have them now in a 75 gallon tank, but am planning on moving into a pond. A friend of mine wants to sell his pond. She says she is 110 gallons and says it is a 3×5 and is 18 inches deep. Is this sufficient pool of pork. It is a preformed fiberglass pond. If additional information is needed you tell me and I can send, just released its response. Thanks I live in the lime in the desert. will snow once or twice a year on that. It is cold but I'd like a water heater. I have a fence around my yard, and a larger fence around my property and I would put a network in the top of the lagoon so none going to jump or animals can not get them. I do not want to grow larger truth. but I feel that getting stressed out in the tank they are in.

Hello. I would like go with a larger discretion of the pool and I'd use a liner rather than a pre-formed. You are full of algae in a small pond. If you go with a small pond to be sure and put in the shade. In So Cal will be too warm in the sun for your Koi. It would be like putting your fish tank in the sun. I suggest going to a pond that is 6 "by 9" and is 3-4 feet deep in a third of it. It will make the pool easier to maintain and allow you to add a few fish, if you want. I would also like to go with steep slopes. This will keep predators at bay without the need for a network or cover unless you get that diving seabirds. A small waterfall would be good for aeration. They make the boxes which cascade filter pads. The pump at the bottom the pond with a tube to the filter housing. The water flows through the filter and up along a lip that creates the falls in the pond. They sell small settings everywhere. They can be simple or very complex depending on your budget etc. The cold is not a problem for Koi pond unless it freezes will not happen in So Cal I if you go for any less than 500 gallons that eventually I wish it was bigger. A lot of people build ponds many times get progressively large. 🙂 Oh. I see you live in the desert. Do not go with the 110 gallons. I take my time and read some forums that belong to Koi if you really want to give them a nice permanent home. They live a long time if taken care of. Christian

Single application of flowcoat on a fibreglassed koi pond.

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