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By · Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Fill Valve
Is it okay if the toilet shutoff valve is vibrating and knocking?

I turned my bath last night (see previous question) because, after a water cut, I was doing (noise dirt stuck in the filling valve?) Anyway, I've been turning it back on (ie using the valve) to clean, then turn out again. The last time I did this, the diversion valve (and the tube connected to it) began to strike with fury after being flushed. I'm afraid this is going to explode – that the pipe will burst. Is this something that is good or not I use the bathroom (the only on the floor) until a plumber comes? The water is running when the noise happens. My understanding is that this is NOT water hammer. Also, now after washing, the water is filling the measure of what is supposed to, unless you open the valve even more.

Inside the valve is a washer Rubber (seat), which has taken place. When you have the valve in the open almost or nearly closed position, the top rubber washer inside the valve with the water that passes makes the flow of water to start and stop very quickly. That is the cause of the vibration. It is unlikely that any of your pipes burst this, but can damage the valves of the toilet, washing machine and ice maker. It is also very annoying! After having replaced the valve or a new rubber washer (seat) installed on the valve to fix the problem. This should take a plumber about 15 minutes – well worth the money.

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