Fish Feeder

By · Monday, January 18th, 2010

Fish Feeder
What kind of fish food from a feeder in a lake?

I live in a big lake, and I bought a 20 gal fish feeder. im trying to get the catfish, brim, and all other game fish to start hanging around my camp. I was thinking of putting both sinking and floating feed. What is a good food to use? brand? and a web site for buying in bulk, such as bags of 50 pounds? thanks

take a post with a mesh tray on top stick in the water so that the tray is above the water and put a large cut of meat in it, because rotts worms into the water you may want to keep a protective cover other animals out of the worms and bait fish attract game fish turtles still love them though so be sure to get their high this is a natural way bait an area and its legal putting a commercial feed in the water that could change the pH and levels of Alge and may be against local regulations, if you do not have the body of water, but I have a friend with a pond and pulled dry dog food in water and convict fish are large, but its hard to get your hook in the dog food lol


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