Fish Food Feeder

By · Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Fish Food Feeder

One of the everyday tasks like shopping, do not you think a murderer in the environment, but it is actually causing enormous damage to the environment. You might think that I mean the pollution caused by driving to the store in his car but not a threat lurks at the bottom of the box has a large environmental impact: bags plastic.

Landfills are already filled with plastic bags, and often the only place to dispose of the waste are the oceans. Plastic bags dumped in our seas, after cleaning resulting in contamination on a large scale. When plastic bags in the food chain, we know that something is not right.

The "use and throw away" mentality is the creation of an environmental burden and less than 1% of plastic bags being recycled, we must take a unified approach to stop the damage. When plastic bags eventually break down, separate into toxic petro-polymers which pollute both land and sea.

The dolphins, fish, turtles and whales often mistake plastic bags for food, swallow the debris and die of intestinal obstruction. It ends with swallowing – Plastic bags can be wrapped around its members resulting in amputation, and cause blockages in their breathing holes with inevitable consequences.

If you've ever thrown a plastic bag, which could only have been the one who killed Flipper …

What can you do?

Good, You can stop using plastic bags for a start – it's as simple as that! There a lot of alternatives such as bags and backpacks of organic material available – not just will help save the environment, they look fresh and elegant take them!

The benefits do not end there, if you have experienced the tragedy of a division of open plastic bag in his way home and had to watch in disbelief as his can of beans rolls in the distance, you're not alone. Or is you?

Cotton bags are extremely durable, can have two times more than a plastic bag can be worn over your shoulder and will not dig in the skin. The next time you pick up a plastic bag, saving it for our smart friends in the ocean.

Be a part of the solution, not the problem – browse Bag It Don’t Bin It’s range of eco-friendly & stylish canvas bags and jute bags.

RES Turtle Eating a Feeder Fish

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