fish ponds

By · Thursday, July 30th, 2009

fish ponds

Why bother with a filtration system in the pond? After all, natural pools and large still water filters are not artificial, and therefore general, fish can quite happily. Well, is not as simple as that: a good filter is the only way to maintain crystal clear water, while at the same time keeping fish under optimum conditions.

Wild fish in our rivers and lakes do not always get his way, of course. They are instances of the elements, predators natural and, of course, himself a fisherman. However, in one important respect, have a great advantage over their domesticated cousins house pond – can swim out to new lands if water quality deteriorates around them.

garden ponds environments are quite limited when contrasted with the immense natural flow of rivers and lakes and fish ponds are completely at our mercy.

Before proceeding, we must clarify something: clear water is not necessarily safe drinking water. Having the bottom of a lm (3 feet) of the pond in a clear, visible approach is very much a priority for us, but fish in general, no matter what you may or may not see. For example, view plays a small role in the lives of our wild carp, which spend most of his life by removing the sediment in an impenetrable cloud of invertebrates foraging small!

A large planted tank with few fish is indeed feasible without a filter, but the "safe" level of concentration of fish is 50-76cm (20-30in) length of fish per 4546 liters (1000 gallons). In this step would be lucky to see the fish among the plants, unless it was mealtime, or who were enjoying the sun. A source, which increases the oxygen level in the water, would mean that the pool was able to sustain a larger head of the fish, but nothing like the possible numbers because even the simplest packet filtering.

Filters, therefore, have a number of worthy applications: they allow you to have more fish healthier but help remove water and, more importantly, are essential in cleaning up a pond. In particular, the filtration removes debris, while at the same time, inhospitable nitrogen detritus caused by fish waste, toxins caused by decomposition of plant material and detritus in general become less substances harmful.

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