Food Feeder

By · Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Food Feeder

So you have your new bird feeder and bought some seeds from the store, but its attraction not only of the types of birds you want. This can be frustrating, to say the least, but sometimes the birds will come to your feeder only for certain types of seeds.

Seed mixtures: These are the most common types of seeds that can be found in any store. These are an excellent starting point and will attract many bird species, but not all. These seed mixtures usually have a bit of seed filling in them. These are the seeds that no bird really likes, but it fills the bag.

Seeds Sunflower, fill your bird feeder with sunflower seeds will attract more birds, but also attract many rodents, especially squirrels and depending on where you live, will attract rats. So it could have a battle on their diet. Sunflower seeds also attract birds woodpeckers, cardinals, Blue Jays and charcoal just to name a few.

Thistle seed: This is the most expensive bird seed market but it does attract some special birds, but especially the finches. If you have a feeder filled with thistle seed, your feed will soon be a hotbed of many types of finches, the most notable of the American Gold Finch.

Sebo: This is a cake as food for birds that are often hung in cages small. Used to attract wood peckers.

Peanuts Total: Tiles love peanuts. Watching these intelligent birds entering a Peanut is always invaluable. With peanut has more to deal with squirrels and possibly rats.

Now that you know that the seeds to fill their feeder, start filling them and remember that if you fill it, they will come.

Jason loves birdwatching and now enjoys it with his son. In his spare time he also loves creating websites. Check out his newest website on Tide Clocks. Here you will find more information on Mantel Tide Clocks.

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