how to build koi pond

By · Saturday, December 26th, 2009

how to build koi pond

Imagine sitting outside in the sun smiles from the clear blue sky, a gentle breeze caressing his cheek, as the birds begin to sing and the sound of cascading water down a small waterfall, the smell of fresh flowers lingers in the wind; gems of red, blue, black, orange and gold shining in the sun. How relaxing would to have your own piece of paradise right in your own backyard. This is what has a goldfish pond in my child. Here are some tips for you can build the perfect goldfish pond.

Before building anything, you have to consider the space you have and the theme for your pond. Would you like it to be a formal pond with straight lines? Or would you prefer an informal pool of irregular shape with curves? Choose what looks good in your yard and still be fits the available space. It should also consider a pond near his house so that you are close to a power supply, but not near that its foundation damage. Choose an area which is quite high since the construction on a slope can be quite difficult.

You can then choose between having a preformed pond or a liner. With a pre-formed pond can be installed easily. Make sure the pond has a good support as they will good basis to last long. Dig a hole about 6 inches deep and as large as the pre-formed pond that you bought. Fill with water and do the landscaping around their edges. With a liner, you have to dig a hole in the size and shape to be determined. You must remove all rocks, sticks and everything that can puncture the lining. You have to put a layer of filling before putting the liner in place. Fill with water and soften. Avoid anything that might puncture the liner as possible to be placed into the pond to flatten the lining. Line the edges with decorative stones and the like. You can then add vegetation in the pond. Use a heavy loam soil for your plants.

If the pond is less than 200 gallons, a filter may not be necessary because the combination of fish and plants keep the water clear. You can include a filter to the pump. The type of submersible pump is widely used because it is less expensive and easier to use.

Now, let's goldfish varieties you can get for your pond. All varieties can be kept in the pond, but some shows have a higher maintenance than others. Comets with close orange or white body and long tail are good for training goldfish ponds .. Another race like the tails of comets, but also shorter are good additions to your pond. They are called shubunkins. There are also fish round the body that are red-orange to red and have a tail wing. These are Ryukins that can take your pond.

Now you can add plants to the edges of the pond, if desired. Despite having a tree growing in the pond looks like a good idea, is not really useful in the long run, as the shade can keep your fish and plants get enough sunlight.

Be creative in designing your pond and make sure you have fun doing it.

Reuben Song is a goldfish lover. He is dedicated in helping other goldfish owners by providing advices and tips about goldfish care.

How to Make a Pond from Koi Pond Club

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