japanese koi

By · Sunday, February 21st, 2010

japanese koi
What is the most expensive of the Japanese Koi and photos please?

Five sophisticated (in Japanese) Categories The Big Three are made up Kohaku, Sanke and Showa. And despite the name latter groups, the three races are shown regularly in shows around the world. Kahoku The Kahoku is a uniquely beautiful white with red marks. And like fingerprints, no two the same every time. There are several sub-categories of Kohoku, which basically relate to various types of red on white pattern. But when we talk about number one inevitably Kahoku Koi. A major concern in the assessment, including Kahoku is the intensity of color, and degree of contrast – in this case red vs. white. The ribbon cutting and more marked contrast, the more valuable the Kohoku considered. In fact, there is even a Japanese name the sharpness of the edge of the patterns. KIWA is called. "Sanke Koi www.coloradokoi.com / showasanke.htm (This page breaks to be fast to hit the button Back ") Back in 1900, a new variety of them emerged. Added some black marks only for red and white Kohaku. This new breed was called Sanke or Sanshoku. This category constitutes the second of the "three families." Showa www.rothteien.com / archives / koi / varieties.htm (if you do a search, This is open to all winners and photos of all races) Then, in 1930, a new third was developed and introduced into the market. He offered the contrasting red and white markings base with a jet black. The new generation is known as Showa. And according to tradition, its intensity of color, clarity and sharpness of pattern, all functions that play important in the evaluation of this new generation as well. Showa announcement represents the third member of the Gonsanke – The Big Three. The fourth category Hikarimuji Anyin is the most popular in the United States. It is known as Hikarimuji or "light without skipper." The light part of the name refers to a glossy sheen, which characterizes matallic this category. They are also unique in color, ie they are "without pattern". Hikarimuji can be jet black (like Zorro, Darth Vader or Batman) green (like the Incredible Hulk or the Jolly Green Giant), red, yellow, blue or gold. But we always need a patron, and has only one color, which makes them unique. Kawarigoi The last category is known as the Kawarigoi which translated means "change" or "different." According to Burkart, "In this category fall all the varieties of both names and unnamed that either have unstable characteristics, or are not recognized in any other category. "(3) As you can imagine, Kawarigoi contains literally hundreds, if different examples and provides an all-inclusive category for something new that night comes. "(4) ranging from spectacular to outsiders, in the United States would call for pooches Kawarigoi as Koi. But the defending champions have come from this category. Http: / / www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/pfk/pages/item.php?news=849 http://www.exoticwaterscapes.com/koi.php

japanese koi

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