japanese koi ponds

By · Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

japanese koi ponds
Im desperate. Help me and my koi pls!?

My colleagues gave me a Japanese koi 8.5inch weeks ago. I followed several Koi in a pond. All of them involved. Recently, I wanted to get treatment and bought some small dried shrimp. I also break in two before feeding my koi. Earlier days, my new Japanese koi started getting sick, away from Koi other, which is very unlike him. The worst thing is the mouth open at all times, unlike the typical active movement of opening and closing. Im wondering if you have choked on something? The beginning sa swimming and sometimes weak and uneven in its turn, as if dying. The funny thing is that he can not close your mouth at all. Remained wide open everywhere. What I can do? Pls help!

Sounds like you have something stuck in his mouth, either. Could be the dried shrimp, gravel, or something else. See if you can catch him, and with it gently (this is best done as a work of two people – one to hold it, and the other for do the work) are in the mouth to see what can be seen. If needed, you can put it in a bucket of pond water with clove oil, enough to calm him down and anethestitize slightly, making the operation a little easier. The effects are fully reversible once you put into the pond … Anyway, if you can see the obstruction, may be able to remove it with tweezers. However, sometimes this only pushes the new obstruction in. So, you might also try to lift the gill cover and pushing the obstruction in this way, using a cotton swab or something less willing to push or scrape the road may tweezers. Here is a link to the website koi care best I've seen – is directed by a veterinarian who specializes in koi and goldfish and has an article on this process, as well as the use of clove oil as anesthesia: http://koivet.com/html/glossary/faq_details.php?faqId=127, Http: / / koivet.com / html / articles / articles_results.php? article_id = 9 & category = 10 & search_term = oil% 20of% 20cloves On another matter, koi are not vegetarian – are omnivores, that is, eat a little of everything. I feed mine krill and shrimp all the time, but I prefer that frozen dry (and so do the koi). I also think mine bloodworms, earthworms, brine shrimp and daphnia, as well as orange slices, pieces of Watermelon, Zucchini sliced, pieces of spinach, frozen peas, and sometimes a treat like Cheerios. I hope this helps – good luck!

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