Jungle Pond

By · Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Jungle Pond

Hidden away from the boundaries of modern life, big creatures living in deep green forest around a traditional village humble people Taro Gianyar Regency is home of 27 elephants who live well under the care of the Elephant Safari Park.

The almost two hour drive to the elephant park begins at the civilized heart of the capital Bali, Denpasar, and passes through a peaceful landscape to a dead end surrounded by dense rainforest. Friendly staff is ready to welcome us once he gets off of our motor transport. We passed through the entrance to a gallery and an information center where we can see the artifacts of elephant and modernization of our knowledge of the elephant through the text accompanying scientific pictures.The attractive material here introduces us to the world of elephants in all continents, offering a good introduction before turning the giants of life.

The park is open daily from 8 am through 6 pm, and the first visitors bird may have a more demanding and exciting experience in the bathroom of the elephants: These great citizens of the world are assembled by its mahout to the main lagoon enjoy its cool waters, then pass an elephant-sized bathroom open. It is a brave person traveling at such an early morning for an experience well? Well, why not stay in the park exotic and luxurious accommodation! Other delicious activities offered at the park is visited by elephants, the show creativity of an elephant, and feeding of elephants.

The voyage of the elephant seems to be the most popular activity, in which up to two visitors can climb the saddle securely attached to the back of an elephant. Once safely seated, her mahout gray giant boost along a track that runs around a mile through the middle of the dense forest for a tour past farms, through the village streets, and around the park. The elephant was mounted called Fitri. At the age of 43 large, she is the oldest elephants in the park. Sitting in the back as she moved along the track and smooth as a cruise bumpy road in a car five stars, such as a Jaguar.

The fresh scent of green farms, mixed with the strong smell of earth, carried out one, the gentle breeze directly into the nose for a calming effect. A soundtrack of melodious birds and other sounds made by creatures of the jungle 'completed the natural environment atmosphere. Before I knew it, Fitri had opened the entrance to the park with his trunk and my lovely, romantic journey was nearing its end.

Feeling tired after 30-minute elephant ride? Hold on! Before going to taste the delicious international cuisine at the restaurant in the park, we must first give our host giant opportunity to drink from their watering hole and play in the main pond. There, resident photographer of the park is ready to get our best opportunity in this great-grandson of the mammoths. Ready? One, two, three … Health! The elephant trunk or increase its water spray happily for a picture-perfect pose.

In the show's creativity elephant, we can see some well educated and talented elephants paint color fabrics, solve math problems, shoot hoops, and give us carrying garlands around their necks. Shows are daily in which am, 1 pm and 3.30 pm Do not miss it!

Paintings by elephants are on sale at the store Gift of the park, and the money of your purchase goes to the elephant conservation center Waikambas in Lampung Province, South Sumatra. After all the excitement, the adventure in the park was not yet over. Upon leaving, I made a short trip to side srhall a pond in the park where the life of another giant. The lagoon is home to a fish called Arapaima gigas, the largest freshwater fish in the world and a native of the Amazon River. When they finally entered the exit, I get an experience as colorful as the thousands of orchids blooming beside the path.


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