koi carp

By · Friday, January 29th, 2010

koi carp
are more resistant white butterfly koi koi carp as normal?

how the heavier white butterfly koi carp? I have a koi pond some butterflies. in my place the temperature increased to 35 cc degree in summer and decreases until 1 cc grade during the winter. Therefore, they can live in my outdoor pond? are more resistant as normal koi carp have no long fin? plz help.

It depends entirely on the quality of your water, and the quality of the breeder. When luxury species such as this are raised, you may lose some of the original hardness. So common sense would imply that they are less strong, but probably not much less resistant to be of concern. Some companies sell "Koi Biosecurity, which are guaranteed to be in good health and have no viruses. This trend closed facility is becoming more popular, with koi, in general, healthier. If you find a butterfly Koi Biosecurity (places available) you will not have to worry about them less resistant. http://www.biosekoi.com/main.html?src =% 2Findex2.html The cool temperature is not really a problem. Give them a place to "hide" to retain its own heat. They kind of hibernation. The high temperature could be a major concern. Keep agitated surface, provide shade and keep the pond under stocked.

Giant Koi Carp

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