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By · Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

koi farm

water lily has several functions in a pond, making it a favorite among reflect. Not only are visually attractive and wonderfully fragrant, which provide fish cover and help keep the algae in the pond.

Water lilies need at least 5 hours of sun a day and calm water. With water lily has many varieties to choose from, the two general types are hardy and tropical. Hardy water lilies will reward you year after year, with abundant foliage and a variety of colorful flowers. tropical water lilies have leaves with toothed edges and are above the water.

Lotos are popular despite having a reputation for being difficult to grow or tropical. While that can overwhelm a small pond that need attention more than a lily of water once established. The only real requirement of a Lotus is to have two or three months of daily temperatures over 80 degrees F. Most Lotus flourish only for three days, but change color every day. The sheath cone shape can be used for dried flower arrangements.

Calla Lily is a plant or shallow water marginal plants in Africa. Grow to be 2 to 3 feet tall with shiny leaves arrow-shaped. The cup-shaped, fragrant white flowers surrounding a club. Calla lilies should be grown in a container with a heavy soil under a foot of water. It also can be grown in garden beds, which will tolerate a wide range of soils provided the soil is moist.

The Iris has been a favorite of pond water garden plants because it is easy to grow, suffer from few pests or diseases, and offers various heights, flowers, foliage and colors. Yellow and blue flag iris love be wet, but Iris staple for gardeners of water is the Japanese Iris. The Japanese iris is considered the most beautiful of all lilies. A yellow flag (Iris pseudacorus) is the only yellow iris water garden. flags yellow flower in late spring. They like deep water and can maintain the top of the pot a foot below the water surface. The blue flag iris (Iris versicolor) likes a constant water level 2-4 inches above the pot. The flowers are a delicate blend purple, violet, yellow and white.

Pickerel weed (Pontederia) or pickerel rush has several varieties. Flowers may be blue, lavender, pink or white, with heights ranging from 1-4 feet. They spiked flowers summer and attract bees and butterflies. The family group is inhabited pike and easy care. They are an interesting plant with heart-shaped leaves. They are native throughout the U.S. and are very resistant marginal. Pickerel weed grows best when they have enough room to spread. Pickerel are feeders heavy and perform best in light shade or full sun.

Water Garden plants have many useful benefits to a garden or Koi pond. If you fish for your pond plants by adding some of the ammonia used to produce fish and add oxygen to the pond.
By adding water garden pond plants not only add visual appeal to your garden water but are also helping to create an ecosystem in your pond.

Lisa Lane has an optimal way for building your Koi Pond which is beneficial not only for your pond and fish but for you as well.

You can have a tranquil space all of your own, Lisa has created a Build a Koi Pond website that shows all the effective ways she uses to build fish ponds. Visit her website and if you sign up for her Free Email Course your will receive 2 Free E-books, you can also join the Koi Times newsletter to receive an E-book on your water quality.

A Trip to Quality Koi Co at the Nisei Koi Farm

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