koi fish ponds

By · Monday, June 1st, 2009

koi fish ponds
Can koi fish live in any kind of weather?

I've never owned fish before, but I want a koi fish pond in my backyard. I live in Miami, FL Koi fish would be fine all year and how long they live?

Koi thrive in your climate. It should grow about 1 "per month. They eat all year round unlike some of us in the midwest that only feed during the spring / early fall. They can live in temperatures from 30 90. His biggest problem is in the Sunshine State would be the algae. You need to have the pond is not in direct sunlight. You also need to plant as the lily pads to block the sun. There are also UV illumination can be reached to eliminate algae. Raccoons and the heron is a threat to fish. There are nets to put over of your pond to keep those rascals. There is also the proposed detector sprinkler system to scare and fright associated with its pond and stay away. Koi can grow to 3 'and are long life of 20-30 years is not uncommon.

Koi Fish Pond

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