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By · Monday, March 30th, 2009

koi pond

A wide range of choice when it comes to choosing a pond filter media. There are a lot of common questions that should be considered when you are thinking getting a media filter for your pond. One of the most common questions often asked is what is the best type of filter media to get and also what is the best combination of media to use?

You require both biological filtration and mechanical filtration of koi pond. Mechanical filtration is used to capture solid waste and also to remove particles from the water. The biological filtration Water is used to support the growth of bacteria that is beneficial because it breaks all the contaminants found in water. One of the most popular means of filtering pond mat used is Japanese. This type of filter has quickly become very popular. This style of filter is produced from thousands of strands of fiber that are connected together to form a type of leaf mat. It is not suitable for use with mechanical filtration systems, since they can clog easily, and repeatedly cleaning will lead to the degeneration of the media.

A good type of filter media for use in a biological system is the bacballs. This media is good because it can be cleaned easily. The bacballs not be used during the first stage of the filtration system as it can become clogged and require cleaning too often. The Flocor and bioflow are the two plastic pieces that are easy to clean and are light. These are good to use for biological filtration. Another good media pond filter is the aquarock, and that is good for use in biological filtration systems. When not using a vortex chamber as its initial filtration rate will have to use brushes for the initial stage to catch the solid waste materials. The brushes are easy to use and they are easy to clean. In most cases the brushes require frequent cleaning to maintain the pond in good condition.

Another thing that is most common when it comes filtration system for a pond is what will be the best configuration. This is a very difficult question to answer because it's really not easy. The best system is more or less down to personal preference therefore in many cases it may be a case of trial and error. It's a good idea to do a lot of research on filtration media the pool before getting a pond, as this will allow you to understand the options that are available.

The brushes are available in two sizes widths, which are four inches and twenty inches. These brushes are available in different lengths and are designed to suit different containers. These brushes tend to be used to separate solids, however, can often work as effectively as a means of filtration.

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