koi pond algae control

By · Saturday, November 21st, 2009

koi pond algae control
I recently built a koi pond (6X6 feet). I'm having trouble controlling algae, any suggestions?

I am looking for a method effective to kill the algae and not to my fish and snails.

to be simple here it is: Do not overfeed the fish. Because, in essence, it is also overfeeding algae. Leftover food equals more nutrients in the water for algae. Make regular water changes. While a good biological / mechanical filter can significantly slow the rate of waste accumulate in the pond. The increased levels of waste will lead to excessive algae. Control of exposure to aquarium light. Algae are photosynthetic organisms. They are based on the light for all life processes. Make sure your aquarium is not placed in direct sunlight. There are many solutions u can buy to help manage the growth of algae in the pond.

Shedding light on UV’s

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