koi pond building

By · Thursday, October 1st, 2009

koi pond building

There is nothing more beautiful than a pond in a garden. Many people decide to undertake a DIY project that involves building a pond if they have a large garden. While this project is entirely feasible, it is important to do research, have the right tools and materials, and be prepared when one is conducting this project.

Many people do not think about it, but the ponds are not just different sizes for aesthetics. The size of the ponds depends on what is happening in the pond. Decide before you start what will go into the pond that is being built. A Koi pond takes more effort put into providing the fish, but these hours of fun and live for several years when cared for properly.

A goldfish pond or garden need not be as large as a Koi pond. However, the smaller the pond, but one plant will be able to stay healthy in it. The third type of pond is a waterfall. That could also be used by the Koi or garden spot. But if you just want the sound of a waterfall and do not want to deal with fish and plants, a very small pond work for a pond waterfall.

Building a pond can take a lot of effort or a small amount of effort. If a person wants to start zero and a rubber sheet that will need to obtain plans for building a pond from the Internet or a home improvement store. There are many different types of ponds and different ways to build ponds. Less effort is if a person uses a prefabricated pond liner and a kit. The kits come with plans that explain each step in detail for the construction of a pond.

The decision on where to place the pond will be important. A pond should be in a place that does not rain, water runoff. Runoff of chemicals has in it that can harm fish and plants in a pond. Therefore, you will have to build the pond or put in the highest place in your garden.

A central pond will have to take the sun for 5-6 hours a day. The fish do not mind shady spots, but plants must have direct sunlight to stay healthy. Also, if your pond plant in an area that can frost will have to leave enough space to put a tent over it in the winter to protect plants.

Unless you want to spend most of their time digging leaves out of your pond, not place near the trees. Many people make the mistake of putting your garden under a tree so they can sit in the shade and enjoy your pond. Unless the tree is one that does not fall leaves, this is not wise. The leaves can not stay in a pond, which should be removed.

When digging the pond, the cave that is excavated will be about 25% larger than the pond will be. To avoid ending up with a pond that is too small to meet the needs excavate the pond fourth largest you think you want. After the accessories are on it are the right size. A Koi pond should have at least 1000 gallons of water Koi to stay healthy. This pond must also have at least three feet deep.

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Step by Step Pond Building – Koi Pond in Garden with a Waterfall London 2010

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