koi pond construction

By · Saturday, September 5th, 2009

koi pond construction
help! inherited a koi pond need a good resource!?

know nothing about them except that no more than feed. We plan construction near the pond, they need to be moved? How can they move? What needs to be cleaned the pond? What happens when cools? Anyone have a good resource to refer to, which is great. Also to add, do not get extremely cold here, I'm in california, but near the desert, so it sinks to perhaps only 30 outside during the winter, sometimes slightly cooler.

It depends on what you're doing constructionwise. I bet you had a cleaning is needed to get the pond ready for winter. go to Koivet and can help. http://www.koivetforums.com/ forums / index.php

Koi Pond Construction Episode 1

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