koi pond depth

By · Monday, April 5th, 2010

koi pond depth
What kind of fish I can have in my pond please suggest me. I am very new to yahoo answers. I thank everyone?

My pond is taking background and leak testing up on it a layer of (5 inch) black and red clay and over it a layer (2 inches) of sand. It is a circular shape (radius 2 meters, and depth of 2 feet) and with a capacity of 500L/130 U.S. gallons. 4 lotus plants in it and about 20 small fish (fish), koi 3 and 2 silver sharks. of what I do is every 15 days in the water i the change manually. (Decision 3 / 4 water and recharging again.) Now I'm thinking of buying a filter BOYU submersible. Door is from temperatures will be between 25 C to 40C.

Do you have a gr8 yaar pond. I would suggest some good fish as well as some featured on this website: http:// http://www.buzzle.com/articles/the-beginners-aquarium-and-the-best-fish-for-it.html http://newaquariuminformation.com/ www.aquariumfish.net / info / ponds.htm http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Best-Types-Of-Fish-For-Your-Garden-Pond&id=206517 I hope ur reply and vote me as good answer if u like mine. Best regards

koi pond indoor

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