koi pond equipment

By · Thursday, November 20th, 2008

koi pond equipment
How I can make a Koi pond?

I'm planning a koi pond. so far I have not bought any of the equipment I need, (Pond filter, koi fish exc.) So if you could tell me how deep the pond should be (I'm thinking of buying koi fish that are between 10 to 14'') and what brand of filter and material to make it useful. would also be useful if you could suggest a place from which to buy the koi fish.

Try Skippy; s koi and pond site. It has lots of good information and does not recommend UV clarifyers. Sell filters and pond equipment. The filter making and selling is best that you can use. I've had one for about four years and did not want separation. Anyway check out the site, lots of good reading. Koi are not difficult to maintain, do not jump out of the pond. Do not know where some people get their information. Have fun with it.

Koi Fish Keeping and Koi care

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