koi pond filter system

By · Friday, April 3rd, 2009

koi pond filter system

A garden pond is actually a beautiful ornament for your garden and abroad. However, in order to maintain their health and beauty, you have to understand about the care appropriate in different season. Above all, garden pond is facing many difficulties during the winter. Therefore, give the best care and its people properly during the winter months will help keep the lasting beauty of your pond.

The temperature change influences a lot on how to care for her pond. The most influence is in how you feed the fish. At a lower temperature, the fish have trouble digesting the food properly. As Therefore, when water temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit, it is better to stop giving their usual food. In contrast, low-protein may or vegetable food based. On the other hand, when the temperature reaches 45 degrees weather Fahrenheit, you should completely stop feeding the fish, because it can not digest their food in this certain temperature.

In addition, the temperature change also brings a great effect in the immune system of fish and have a higher risk to get the disease. You can go down to the organisms or disease-causing bacteria by adopting a broad-based chemical treatment. You can start to make treatment four to six weeks from when the temperature drops.

The following in his pond for treatment during the winter is the filter. Around 50 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, biological activity of a pond filter is reduced. Therefore, do not really need your pond filter to work during the winter. You can disconnect your pond filtration system until the temperature gradually rises in early spring.

Of course, maintaining the cleanliness of your pond will also be the attention of great use for the winter. Be sure to clean all the leaves fall in the pond before they are rotting in your pond. The decomposition process produces a harmful substance or fish poison and residents of the lagoon.

By giving proper attention during the winter, keeping the beauty and health of your pond is not something impossible to do.

Installing best quality of pond filtration system will be perfect choice to maintain your pond healthy and clean, and it has been proven by the author of this article, Frederic C. Padilla. If you need more information about pond supplies in some popular such as Laguna pond pumps brands and other reliable products, please click http://largepondpumps.net/.

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