Koi Pond Fish

By · Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Koi Pond Fish
I have a koi pond again, but my fish are dying?

I have a new Koi pond made of concrete. Before putting my Koi went and bought some fish gold, but are still dying. I check the water and everything is good. What I have in mind is that the eye receives blood may be the paint I used? And you are still blind. The name SherCrete paint is flexible waterproof concrete.

Is the water has chlorine and metals in it? Put some water purifier in the water and get fish feeder to try again. The pond also needs a water filter can be clean and oxygen in the water. It is also possible that the goldfish ….. already However ill you should take a water sample to PetSmart to be safe and can help. Not your koi still $ 100. Good luck with your fish.

How I built my Fish Pond

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