koi pond kits

By · Monday, March 8th, 2010

koi pond kits
Does anyone have any idea about how close my Koi Fish Pond?

I live in Oklahoma and can no longer afford to keep my fish. (Utilities feed, etc) I have called all the people who thought you might be interested all ready but no luck. They live in a 13'x13'x51 / 2 'to outdoor pond. I sell 12 to 10 Koi Fancy Goldfish … 6 "-22" Peep! Over the biofilter, pre-filter, pumps, nets, water treatment, water testing kits, the capture and bath 2 year old 20×20 45ml line. All you need is to dig the hole! Otherwise, I think …? Do you have photos if interested. e-me at: amie_moore @ sbcglobal, net

I would buy, but I'm in california. but I think if you go to your nearest store pets can be to buy it you probably would be easier if it is a fish store privite property, because chain stores usually do not take the fish or you can put a sign in front of your house Saing have fish to sell you will be surprised how many people will see it. good luck

The All Elusive Pond Kit

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