koi pond pictures

By · Thursday, December 25th, 2008

koi pond pictures

The queen angelfish (Holacanthus ciliaris) is one of the three most popular "big" angel of marine aquarium today. The other two are the Angelfish Emperor (Pomacanthus Imperator) and French Angelfish (Pomacanthus Paru). The queen angelfish Holacanthus most popular genre. This is a family member Pomacanthidae and are one of the largest angel among his cousins.

The queen angelfish is commonly found throughout the Caribbean, Florida, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico. It is closely related to the Blue Angelfish (Holacanthus bermudensis) and to the untrained eye they look exactly alike. These two angelfish have been known to interbreed in the wild. His children have also been known as Holacanthus townsendi. Note that Holacanthus townsendi is not a valid species, is but a hybrid. Fortunately, telling it is also easy, queen angelfish have a blue crown on his head while surrounded by the blue angelfish do not.

As with all fish species Angel larger juvenile coloration differs from that of an adult. Juveniles have bright blue vertical bars on your face its main body. These bars slowly will disappear as they grow. Adult sports a bright yellow and iridescent blue around the body.

juvenile angelfish also take on a peculiar role in nature. Assume the role of "cleansing". As cleaning products that provide a valuable service to other marine fish, feed on the parasites in the bodies of other fish.

This is an expensive fish, small fish usually costs $ 80 – $ 90 USD with large adults (quality) Demonstrate which costs $ 200 and up.

Enlarge angelfish Pomacanthidae family have developed a well deserved reputation to be aggressive or bullies in captivity. angelfish Queen is no exception.

Usually ignores other fish species, but is quite hostile to large angelfish. It is particularly hostile to another queen angels and blue angel fish for that matter. A queen angelfish tank is the general rule.

This angel fish lengths of up to 18 inches. A foot and a half! They seldom reach such extremes in captivity however, expect a maximum size of 12 to 13 inches or less.

Marine aquariums least 150 gallons should be used to house a queen angelfish. As with all marine fish bigger, larger tank, the better. Make sure your landscape rock the aquarium allows ample swimming space.

Do not be fooled into buying a little under 50 gallons aquarium. Quickly outweigh these small tanks within months.

The queen angelfish is not certain reef corals to eat or at least cut on them until they finally die. Although some fans have been successfully kept in reef aquariums, which is seen more often in large fish only aquarium.

They feed on tunicates, sponges, corals, algae and plankton in the wild. Avoid dwelling on a coral reef tank with many, as it can make short work of her face corals.

Offer a good variety of foods from sheets of nori / seaweed foods such as meat of krill or mysis shrimp. New Life Spectrum produces some of the highest quality pellets on the market and it would be my first choice as a good pellet food to offer to my fish.

Formula two is a very balanced food for angelfish, as well, which contains shellfish and seaweed for herbivorous fish extra. It is available in granules, flakes or frozen cube-shaped.

The most complete food for the Queen Angelfish is Ocean Nutrition Angel Formula. This food was specifically designed to meet the needs of large angel fish, contain a good mix of fresh seafood algae, vitamins and most importantly, the marine sponges. Angel Formula is only available in frozen cube.

As for nori sheets / seaweed sheets for queen angelfish. You can choose any of the sheets of seaweed brand catering for herbivorous fish or you can always run your local supermarket and get there. Depending on the brand or it can be very expensive or very cheap.

If you are buying at the supermarket, make sure you buy the plain, not flavored / unspiced version. raw nori is a good option if available. Get a clip for nori and paste it into the side of the aquarium glass.

I also have guides on the Queen Angelfish and the Emperor Angelfish on Hubpages complete with photos and videos so do drop by.

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