koi pond plants

By · Monday, February 15th, 2010

koi pond plants
What are the best plants and shrubs to create plenty of shade for my Koi pond?

I need plants or shrubs can be planted in large pots. The reason for requiring this is to create shade for my Koi pond to help get rid of undesirable algae growth. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Japanese ACERS look beautiful especially the dark red leaf varieties. Zantadeshia with its white trumpet flower is another high quality, also some of softwood contrast and structure. For spring color Camelia is a good evergreen and maybe some evergreen scent of jasmine. A UV is the best answer for green water, but if you are concerned about the weeds that I use barley straw mat and if the problem gets out of hand I use "string algae control Oase composed. I buy it in my local store koi for their courage 14.99 every cent, without chemicals emzine only one that feeds on algae and leaves no residue in the bottom of my pond to make the water go wrong. Hope this helps.

Why You Need Koi Pond Plants

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