koi pond supplies

By · Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

koi pond supplies
hey koi fish hat on no answer will only bird in rl!?

Sunday im gonna get either a 4-inch koi and raise in a 10 gallon tank, then raise it then to a 55 gallon tank, then put my problem in a pond in Texas live in the city and I have not enough money to buy a pond or a place to put a big anyway my backyard pond is not very big so i need a large enough pool pussy very very big, but big enough for a Koi to live in what they do all of you think I need and how much it would cost I would not spend more than $ 600 for such only thing to put in not including supplies and Where I can find the thing?

The Koi has to go to the 55gal NOW so you have room to grow. It is too big for a 10gal. His idea of breeding for a while in a 55gal them moving it to a pond is good, but you do need a decent tank. Two ponds are fairly cheap one – large plastic cattle trough. Take a look at farm supply stores. A koi can overcome in time, but that is a year away. Building a wooden enclosure with a bit of gardening and that will be OK 2 – Build a pond above ground wood. You will need some steel bar threading, a lot of gardening and wood thick plastic coating. To filteing need a pond pump of some sort, but you can build a good filter of a plastic bucket full of great financial means. (Pot scrubbers. Foam, rock, slag etc,.) The cheapest way, of course, just dig a large hole in the ground and the line with a plastic liner, but if you do not have the space to do that, then you need to spend some $ $. Note that I have not said you can not. I'm just stating what you are booking for. Monster keepng fish, there are shortcuts that you can do to save money, but you can not avoid large tanks or ponds of some sort. Sorry but any plan involving 10gal tanks and wading pools with a dead end only Koi. lan.

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