koi ponds supplies

By · Thursday, June 26th, 2008

koi ponds supplies

lily pads can be a beautiful addition to any ornamental pond or water feature. They provide an excellent habitat for many species of wildlife. They also provide shade for the pond, the prevention of nuisance aquatic plants and algae. They also provide shelter for Koi and Goldfish bright colors of birds raptors. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that require the removal of these popular plants in the pond. Since it is often very tough, little by little you can overtake a pond in a few years. They can become very troublesome in areas where fishing is common and can cause big problems when harvesting in aquaculture applications.

lily pads, unlike most aquatic plant species considered to be generally better to leave individually, rather than eradicate the entire population. Habitat loss can be very distressing for the fish species and the congestion resulting from sunlight can create an epidemic of algae, leaving the expulsion to be much more desirable. Mechanical removal is usually the preferred method of control of water lily. You can easily gain a large number of available devices. These general Lily rake can be purchased at a local garden store. Lily pads can be removed by hand. If carefully done, they can often be resold or traded for other aquatic products.

chemical removal of lily pads is also possible. When in season, can be selectively with an herbicide spray only leaf growth. This actually can target individual specimens without damaging the entire population. This will allow you to create areas open water without sacrificing their natural habitat. It also lets you avoid the proliferation of algae in the timing of the removal of water lily. People whole can be seen by some herbicides. Lilies are more susceptible to chemicals that most aquatic weeds, allowing them to be exterminated without devastating biological filtration of the pond. Water quality must be closely monitored during the destruction of large populations of lilies and lots of invisible roots can rot. This can lead to a deficit of dissolved oxygen and the sudden death of cattle.

Biological control of lily pads may be more difficult than with other species of aquatic weeds. There are several larger species of animals that readily eat the leaves of lilies, including ducks, deer and Beavers. They can not be easily trained to consume excess lily pads, and as such can not be regarded as a safe control.

Lilies are best suited for single elimination. Or chemical or mechanical removal can be used successfully on the basis of individual preferences. With careful planning, you can even transform the problem of water lily in a revenue-generating business.

Barry Graham writes about issues dealing with ponds and lakes including pond supplies and aquatic herbicides for koi ponds, water gardens and farm ponds.

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