koi ponds waterfalls

By · Friday, January 1st, 2010

koi ponds waterfalls
How I can get clear water in my Koi pond?

I have a 130 gallon garden pond in my backyard. Currently I have five living Koi in it that are all about 4-inches long. I have a 325-GPH submersible pump with a pre-filter attached. Also I have an inverter connected to my pump and I have a small source and a small waterfall running. Unfortunately, my water is still more and more green and I'm starting to lose sight of my fish. What would the best technique to solve this problem without harming my fish without spending too much money?

I also had this problem … no fish to see my face was frustrating. I went to Home Depot to buy a UV filter that plugs into my pump and keeps water clear as a bell. It costs $ 60.00 and worth every penny because nothing else works. I had pre-filters and mail filters, and all I could think of, including pulling the filter out every day and cleaning them, but of course does not remove the algae. Also have an expensive model that provides UV filter is great, but the cheapr one works very well. Simply divert water to the filter, then the hose brings water back to the pond. Oh, and there is nothing to clean except the regular pond pump you have to clean anyway. I only do this once a week or so, now Tha water is clear.

koi pond with waterfall

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