Pond Fish

By · Friday, September 11th, 2009

Pond Fish
How to get rid of green water algae in a fish tank?

I do not want clever spending dollars to get rid of him. It makes the water green, but there is another type of algae in my pond. The pond is small, so you can not get more fish. I am planning to put the plants in it, but I can not immediately. Is there any easy way to get rid of it? I only have 2 options if I buy a product: Petco and Home Depot Garden Center.

Great water changes are the best option in the long run. The algae feed on nutrients in the water, so removing the starve the algae. Once you get that will help your plants that will compete with algae for nutrients. Barley straw should be available anywhere that you mention and also helps prevent the formation of new algae. I recommend to stay away from water treatment algae, usually cause more harm than good. Moreover, if treatment with copper may forget plants for a time as copper is very hard on plants and remain in the pond for quite a long time. MM

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