pond fountain

By · Monday, May 25th, 2009

pond fountain

The use of water gives a new dimension to a landscape design.

The water could be described as the living soul of a garden.

Water can bring added vitality of the movement and sound to a garden in a unique way, without any feature can.

In addition, a garden pond can add to the variety and range of plants can be grown in your garden by the incorporation of water activities.

In choosing your garden pond design of the following key points should be considered long before you start.

Choice of style

Do you prefer a formal or informal style?

Your choice will influence the type of construction and types of plants that can grow.

A pond of garden design which is characterized by strong formal straight lines and is usually accompanied by stone or brick material.

An informal style is characterized by irregular softened. An informal garden pond design is easier to melt into their surroundings.

Do you prefer the sound and movement or stillness.

Moving water will bring the soothing sound of splashing water and catch the gleam of sunlight. A still pond on the other hand can be a focus for relaxation and meditation.

Choosing the right place.

Ensure that the location is not in a position that is over the utility pipes or cables and has easy access to electricity and water.

Avoid being too close to trees that may cast their leaves in the garden pond.Choose a sunny, but not a trap Sun

Gives great importance to the location because once your garden has been installed, must be a position that is pleasant to the eye and not an eyesore worrying!

Security aspect

By giving this in your garden, taking into account the design of the pond that small children have a fascination with water.

Choice Construction

Decide if a unit of the pond or a liner pond preformed flexible is the best for your garden pond design. prefabricated units are available in various sizes and forms, but are probably more appropriate for formal style pond.

A flexible pond liner is more versatile and lends itself to a casual and it is easier to blend into the surrounding garden. It is also more adaptable especially for an irregular shape and variation in depth.

Consider also how much planting is to be part of its design and to what extent, if any, wildlife or ornamental fish are a feature. If so that other aspects such as the need for pond depth to be allowed in your garden pond design to meet their welfare.

Last your budget and be objective about the scope of their practical skills.

Design and construction within the limits of both!

For more information about the basics of garden pond design please visit http://gardenponddesign.net/

Installing a Pond Fountain

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