pond liner

By · Friday, December 25th, 2009

pond liner

The first thing to do is select the proper location for it. Sun should be an important factor when deciding on the location. The growth of plants requires a little sunshine. However, as necessary as the sun, can make the pond very hot. Koi pond construction should include a shading mechanism in an environment where open. Visibility of the lagoon also be taken into account when selecting the location. After all, is one of the main objectives of the lake.

The size of the pond is another key in the process of building koi ponds. You should be optimized to require little maintenance, while providing a high comfort for the fish as well as the maintenance of aesthetic values. Too big of a pond can increase its beauty, but more than twice their maintenance. Still, should not be too small, which affect fish life. When the fish grow, they need more space to swim. That's why the selection of a size becomes so important in building koi ponds.

It is very important that the depth exceeds 3 feet, otherwise external threats can affect koi and pond fish in it. Koi fish grow 6.8 inches per year length, therefore, the size of the pond should be considered. Do not forget take the fish population in mind when building your pond or tank. If the tank is too small, it become a problem when the fish grow over time.

The bottom of any pond say about its efficiency. Drainage depends entirely on the design of the pond floor. There are two good ways of koi pond construction with a good drainage system. It may be a small curve in the center of the tank / pond, or a convex-shaped plan with sides run deep. These two methods will allow proper drainage of the tank. All remains will reach the drainage system with these designs keeping the tank clean at all times.

Plants add value to the environment of the pond. They also control the pond ecosystem by absorbing the nitrates in the water. Make sure that plants reach about three inches below the water surface, this makes it safer for the fish.

There are two main materials used in the construction of pond Koi: a compound of rubber and concrete. Concrete is a more expensive option and more permanent, and provides high strength and durability to the lagoon. Moreover, a compound Rubber is cheaper and a much more flexible. It can change very easily in contrast to the concrete design. If all this sounds like too much, there are companies the koi pond construction, which will design and build the pond for you!

Kyle T. Hinton is a koi fish expert. For more great tips on koi pond construction and koi fish care click here

Pond liner installation video from QBS Butyl (UK)

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