pond liners

By · Saturday, October 4th, 2008

pond liners
How do I can keep my dogs to break my new pond online?

My pond used to have a fence around it, but I wanted it down so it was more accessible. The decided that the dogs like to go and in doing so, hit the rocks in which punctured the old shirt that was 5 + years of age. I just put a new one down, I should be more careful with this or is less likely to be punctured since it is new?

I have also the problem dog pond. I took a look at some ideas zoo enclosures. I built my pond with a Bobcat skid steer loader, creating a pool of three nearly vertical sides and the fourth a gradual decline in the bottom of the foot of five years. When I installed the lining of the pond (actually, a liner "well" the oil industry – Cheap!) I took bentonite between the liner and the hole while filling the pond. In theory, the bentonite would make watertight pond without a shirt. If a nail dogs foot sticks shirt sealed. I tried to make three vertical sides difficult for a dog to enter or leave the area planted and the harsh landscape. On the slopes I created a ladder from under the water with flat rocks in a second coating layer of protection against punctures. A path of stepping stones leading to the stairs invites dogs and people to wade in and cool off. This will be my third winter ice one meter thick and still no leaks. RScott

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