pond pumps

By · Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

pond pumps
How I can keep my pump from the pond to kill the frogs?

I think trying to sleep in the area where the pump is supported and get sucked in. I love frogs, and if I have to pull a body more shattered by the bomb I'm gonna be sick. Also, clogging the pump. Is there some kind of cage of protection that can buy or do to put on it that allows you smaller waste through, but keep the frogs out? I've looked and looked in catalogs, but can not find anything, and I can not imagine that I am the only person with this problem.

You can make your own protective cage. Home Depot or local building supply store should sell a material called "metal-depth investigation." Depending on the size of your pump, you can get a full sheet of this, (I think it's 4'x8 ') or you can buy smaller strips designed to cover the gutters, known as "gutter guards. Ask the person for each of them by name and must be able to help. You need a pair of metal shears to cut the material. A single cage is easily done with zip ties. Since the metal is galvanized, you should have no problem with rust. The product is designed for gutters, after all. That should keep leaves, frogs and other small items from being sucked into the pump. Good luck!

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