Pond Water

By · Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Pond Water
My Koi die after adding more water to my pond. What should I do?

The water in my pond regularly decreases due to evaporation regrettable. : / So, add more water. Unfortunately every time you add more water, koi pond all die before I get to my add appropriate chemicals. Was it a good idea to fill a cooler with water from the pond, koi and put all there first (as the koi are not as large)? Or does anyone have any better suggestion?

Instead of putting tap water treated with chlorine directly into your pond, put in large bowl (the cooler you mentioned would be good), fill with water hose, and try there. Thus, the fish are not exposed to chlorine and chloramine in the tap water. Consider the refrigerator floating in the pond and fill there, as this will make it much easier to empty the pond compared to trying to take care and poured into the pond.

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